The Founder

Allahyarham Tn Syed Abdul Bahari
Bin Syed Abdullah Shahabuddin Al-Haj
Founder, DMC Group of Companies

The achievements of DMC Group of Companies is driven by the vision and hard work of our Founder, The Late Tn Syed Abdul Bahari bin Syed Abdullah Al-Haj.

Integrity, aspiration and compassion these are the CORE Values imparted as the foundation for the growth of business and its human capital development.  With vast experience, proper business planning and strategies, DMC Group of Companies has grown from small sole proprietor company to its current position as one of leading petroleum trading companies in Malaysia. His legacy and aspirations is continued and uphold by the Management Team for greater achievements in future.

The Chairwoman

Puan Hajjah Shahroni Binti Haji Puteh
Chairwoman, DMC Group of Companies

Puan Shahroni bin Hj Puteh is the wife of our Late Tn Syed Abdul Bahari bin Syed Abdullah Al-Haj, the founder of DMC Group of Companies. She is now the chairwoman of DMC Group of Companies and ensures that effective actions are taken by all the members of management team which comprises of Managing Director, Executive Director and the Group Managers for promoting success and expansion of the Company.

She brings the whole team together to achieve the goals and paths envisioned by our Late Tn Syed Abdul Bahari that DMC Group of Companies will provide the best quality services in the Petroleum and Marine Industry.